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...and the best service in class


Roda - Corfu, GREECE

Phones: +30 26630 63191 or 64554


Corfu is a fantastic island, and there is soooo much to see:

Lovely beaches, a beautiful coast, ancient places, the mount Pantakrator (921m), small and cozy villages .....

Here just a few impressions:

    Don't stay all day at the same pool or beach


Have a look at the lovely places especially in the Northern part of the island


Here is your solution:

We are here in place for more than 20 years now, and you won't rather find a better partner.

What makes us so special?


    First of all:

Whatever you like - we have it.

Scooters, Quads (up to 700cc !), Trikes, Street- & Enduro-Bikes, Beachbuggies...


By the way: For all Quads and Trikes you only need your car-licence!


Some of our actual models:



What we never hope, but sometimes it can happen (the Greek roads are not the best):

You may have a breakdown...

...and what to do, staying far away from your hotel

and everybody around is only speaking Greek?

No problem !!!

From 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. you can call us, and our professional mechanics will help you out

(Frre pick up service)

So just relax and enjoy your holidays

By the way:

Most of the cheap shops don't even have a mechanic (unbelievable but true)

We do have (and not only one)... all just for your safety.


    As helmets are obligatory(!) in Greece, of course you get them free of charge.

Nevertheless you will see many people without, but don't look at those, because if the police catches them, they will pay a

fine of 430,- per person!



You booked your appartment/hotel in the North of Corfou, but unfortunately not in Roda (e.g. Arillas, Sidari, Acharavi, Almiros, Kassiopi are also nice places)?

No problem again !!!

Just call one of the phone-numbers above and place your order.

Our service-team will pick you up and bring you back after your contract ends.

For free of course.


Where you find us

Just follow the island road Sidari - Roda - Acharavi - Kassiopi.

At the crossroad enter Roda and after 100 m on the right hand you already got us.